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Dates: 30 September - 4 October 2024
Venue: Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand


Collaborative pedagogy

Practitioners as facilitators

Group Sessions with spaces for peer learning

Diverse participant pool

TheWorkshop2024 is envisioned as a forum for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and fostering meaningful connections, this workshop is a celebration of our collective commitment to putting people first. Join us as we explore innovative tools and techniques to think critically and foster inclusive spaces within development work.

Module: Participatory Methods and Approaches

Last Date for Application: 15 August 2024

Where & When

Join us from 30 September - 4 October 2024 at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. This year we are collaborating with the Asia Institute of Technology, Bangkok. AIT Extension is a well-known and highly respected international institution in the region, with 25 years of experience in training and continuing education. 

Participants will be expected to arrive on 29 September as we hope to have a fresh and early start on 30th! 

What you can expect

Module: Participatory Methods and Approaches

Immerse yourself in this dynamic, fun-filled, and reflective workshop designed for active engagement and collaborative learning. At TheWorkshop we will unpack the power of participation, delving into various tools to build more inclusive and responsive programmes. Given the diverse set of participants, peer-sharing takes center stage at TheWorkshop.

Throughout the workshop, we'll showcase examples of adaptable tools that have proven successful in various community development settings, empowering you to implement them in your own projects. On Day 3, we will explore concrete case examples of application of these tools in diverse settings, choose from a range of electives to explore further:

  1. Measuring Collectivisation

  2. Corporate Due Diligence

  3. Community Engagement in Research

  4. Monitoring and Evaluation

  5. Exit strategy for a Programme

We don't stop at theory – TheWorkshop includes hands-on fieldwork sessions, allowing you to apply and experiment with the tools and techniques you learn in a real-world context. As we champion the ethos of meaningful community participation, expect to witness and engage in discussions that showcase the diverse ways communities can play a pivotal role in shaping all facets of development work.


          £ 800/ $ 1000

          Payment Method: Electronic Transfer. 

          Write to us at once you have registered here

  • The fees will cover tuition, accommodation and meals as well as travel for field work for all participants during the workshop.

  • The mentioned fees includes the cost for double occupancy room. Limited Single Occupancy rooms are available at an additional cost of £ 160/ $ 200

  • Participants are responsible for making their own arrangements for travel, visa and insurance. The organisers will provide necessary letters as required for visa purposes.


  • The Fees for non-OECD countries will be:   £ 680/ $850  

  • (   Note: If the candidate works in a developed country (Listed in Table A: Developed economies) or the organisation paying for the candidate is located in this list of developed economies, the candidate will not be eligible for this discount. For instance, a Bangladeshi national working in The United States of America would not be eligible for this discount.



  • Early bird: 10% discount for those who apply before 10 May 2024.

  • For 10 participants from the same organisation, the 11th participant can participate for Free!

  • For 5 participants from the same organisation, the 6th will get a 50% discount on the fees!

(Note: Only one offer scheme can be availed of at a time)  

Cancellation Policy

Participation will be confirmed only upon sharing receipt of registration fee.

In case of cancellations before 20 days prior to the start of the workshop, the full fee will be returned after the deduction of transaction charges. If the cancellation request comes within 20 days of the workshop, Southern Voices for Global Development reserves the right to withhold 25% of the fee for Administrative and Opportunity costs and transaction charges. To avoid this, you can avail of the option of substituting your participation with an alternate participant with a similar background. 


Register Now to avail of 10% Early Bird discounts!
Last Date: 10 May 2024

For more information and to ask your queries, please write to us at: 

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